Rip’s Family – American Literature

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2. Rip’s Family.  Consider his wife and their relationship – and also his children and how they “turned out.”

Rips’ wife nagged at him all the time about how lazy he was, how he would not get up and farm, or just get up to do anything. Rip’s wife harassed him so much that he got his dog and his riffle and set out for the woods. He was drinking with the dwarfs and they gave him a special drink. That special drink put him to sleep for 20 years. When he awoke, his dog was dead and his riffle rusted, he returned to his village to find it completely different. When he went back to the tavern he found that the sign was not referencing King George instead it was George Washington. Among the crowd that he found in the town, he spotted a young beautiful woman who turned out to be his daughter. She informed him that his wife had recently passed and that she is married with children. Rip went to live with his daughter for the rest of his years, telling stories and being lazy.