Review Pareto’s Law aka the 80/20 Rule in Chapter 4 and discuss how the 80/20 Rule can be applied toward warehouses. In 250-300 words discuss how the 80/20 rule may be applied to warehouse processes.

Pareto’s Law

            Deciding on the best media for storage is key to efficient warehousing. Planning storage requires specific tools; the 80-20 rule is one of the effective ways to determine the right media for | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | referred to as the Pareto’s law, the 80-20 rule is an important tool to analyze the combination of products stored in warehouses to establish a best-suited storage media for maximizing the utilization of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | principle under Pareto’s law states that “80% of volume comes from 20% | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | states that 20% of the volume is comprised of 80% of products, which means putting this to use for warehousing requires exploring the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | emphasizes that 80% of the volume is derived from 20% of stock-keeping units (SKUs).


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           Based on the information about Pareto’s law, one important rule of warehousing is governed by the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule influences inventory management in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | important application of Pareto’s law principle, especially for warehouse managers, is based on the layout of the facility and managing the inventory. More often, it is always accurate that 80% of warehouse operations represent 20% of SKUs in t | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that there is minimal excuse to inquire about the order picker to pass hundreds of moving products to identify fast-moving products in the corner of a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | products close to the doors of warehouses, the needed time and distance traveled to pick orders are significantly reduced (Grosfeld-Nir et al., 2007). Accordingly, some warehouse operations are shown an overwhelming need to store products in family groupings.


Grosfeld-Nir, A., Ronen, B., & Kozlovsky, N. (2007). The Pareto managerial principle: When does it apply? International Journal of Production Research, 45(10), 2317-2325.

Khanzode, V., & Shah, B. (2017). A comprehensive review of warehouse operational issues. International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, 26, 3, 346. Persky, J. (1992). Retrospectives: Pareto’s Law. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 6(2), 181-192.


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