Reverse discrimination can occur in any workplace.

Reverse discrimination can occur in any workplace. Complete an Internet search for recent (within the last three years) reverse discrimination cases. Review the case and assess the reverse discrimination instances. Summarize the case and provide your thoughts to the following questions:
What evidence was discovered against the workplace?
What would you have decided?
What could this workplace do in the future to avoid being accused of reverse discrimination?



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The need to achieve equality in almost all aspects of life had let to a decrease in discrimination. From equality in terms of gender to race, religion and other areas perceived to be of minority groups, laws have been enacted to ensure there is no discrimination. On the contrary, however, such laws have at times tilted the wheels of justice leading to negative discrimination. Such kinds of discrimination include the practice of preferring people that belong to groups initially perceived to have been disadvantaged.

Recent Instances of Reverse Discrimination The first case of reverse discrimination is by a former YouTube worker who sued Google for insisting that employers only recruit black, female and Hispanic applicants. The former employee claimed she was fired late 2017 for going against the said employment policy. The evidence relied on for this case were email conversations and other documents. At one time she claims, a whole software engineering interview was canceled for having non-diverse applicants (Robertson, 2018). What I would…


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