Reflect on how you have grown in the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate.

For this assignment, please address the following questions related to the above competencies:

Reflect on how you have grown in the qualities, skills, behaviors, and knowledge required to function as a patient advocate.
Reflect on how your BSN experiences have improved your abilities to practice high quality care, assess and evaluate patient outcomes, and provide leadership in improving care.
Reflect on the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in public service.
Reflect on your aspirations to facilitate change and foster innovation to improve the health care system.
Write coherently to support a central idea with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a nursing professional.


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The course has been helpful in the improvement of my ability to function as a patient advocate. It has instilled the value of patience that enables me to hear many concerns of patients and people who are stressed, worried and in pain from their medical conditions. The course has assisted me to acquire problem solving skills which help in tackling challenges and finding solutions for patients. Lastly, my organization skills have also improved

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing equips individuals with high tech skills in nursing that enable them to tackle more complicated health problems. Personally, it has improved my general ability to identify health problems timely, offer a proper diagnosis and treatment process. The degree has also enhance

BSN prepared nurse plays an essential role in public health service because of their skills in global health, nutrition, effective health assessment, community-based care and management. They are therefore in a better position to take charge of the public health provision because of their ability to create an understanding with the

The healthcare industry is undergoing a lot of modifications with the hopes of providing proper medical care at affordable costs.  From my healthcare organization, I intend to promote more investment in disease prevention measures instead of waiting to put resources on the treatment course. I also encourage the application of advanced information systems to improve communication and record keeping. It will help in reducing confusion and


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