Prepare a report on patient-nurse communication in which you include the following:

  • Describe the types of communication that take place between nurses and clients/patients. Do not forget to consider types of communication beyond verbal and written on paper.

In addition to verbal and non-verbal, other types of communication applied are technology-aided, formal, informal, and symbols communication. Verbal communication is applied mostly in a face-to-face scenario. It is used by the nurse to explain the treatment procedures to the patient. Patients also use this type of communication to ask questions regarding their treatment and explain their

  • Explain the factors that influence positive and negative experiences during the communication process.

Common elements that negatively affect the experience during the communication process are physical limitations, gender, and culture.  The physical restriction is caused by the difference in the geographical location between the patient and the care provider. It affects the face-to-face communication limiting the amount of information shared between the patient and physician. Improper understanding of a patient’s culture can also impact communication experience negatively and can result in poor information delivery (Lorusso et al., 2017). Lastly, lack of understanding of the proper methods to approach either gender can result in gender bias in communication hence negative experience. Elements that can improve the experience during the communication process include the application of advanced technology, gaining proper insight and understanding of the patient’s culture. Advanced technology…


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  • Explain how the client/patient experience can impact health care outcomes.

Positive patient experience is essential to enable a successful treatment process with proper coordination. Effective patient care outcomes are achieved as a result of positive patient experience and benefit not only the patient but also the healthcare organization by reducing cases of readmission and the emergence of secondary illnesses…

  • Recommend evidence-based strategies for improving communication between client/patients and nurses.

Efficiency and speed of applied communication systems were identified as the primary limitations of the communication levels in healthcare. Other factors that limit communication abilities in the healthcare field are cultural diversity and limited time a patient is allowed with a physician, which is always not enough for effective sharing of information. Therefore, finding solutions to the above challenges will help in improving communication between patients and care providers. Making use of advanced information systems, diversifying the nursing field to solve the issue of cultural diversity and recruiting more medical practitioners to enhance the interaction between patients and caregivers are essential steps towards improving communication. Problems of distance

  • Explain how the strategies consider different client/patient demographics.

Patients are grouped into different demographics for easy identification and adequate provision of healthcare services. Some of the factors applied to help in patient classification are spirituality, date of birth, and gender. The spirituality and beliefs of parents are effectively analyzed during the learning program that educates about diversity issues. Nurses are equipped with the knowledge to effectively deal with patients from different backgrounds hence the promotion of proper care outcomes. Age is also considered during communication to enable…


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