Pirates video (Great Ships: The Pirate Ships) watch from start to 9:43

Pirates video (Great Ships: The Pirate Ships) watch from start to 9:43

This video will cover both the famous privateer Sir Francis Drake, but also more traditional pirates (on a later assignment) such as Blackbeard.


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1) According to the video, the word “pirate” is derived from a Greek work that means what?

2) What is the difference between a “privateer” and a “pirate?”

3) What was the name of Sir Francis Drake’s ship?

4) How many pounds of gold and silver did Drake capture from the Senora de la Conception?

Jamestown video assignment: length 23:26

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTu4Kn1cY0A (Links to an external site.)

You can skip to the 25 second mark to dodge the first commercial.

1) What was the original shape of the fort at Jamestown?

2) What part of Africa was Angela from?

3) The settlement location of Jamestown lacked a reliable source of what vital item?

4) After John Smith was injured and forced to return to England, what was the following very difficult time period at Jamestown called?

5) What eventually happened to the Powhatan Confederacy?

12:55 to 14:10 commercial

6) What desperate measures (besides cannibalism) did the early Jamestown residents resort to in order to stay alive?

7) Briefly summarize why Jamestown nearly failed.


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