Mr. and Mrs. Sharma went to Goodlands Apparel Store to buy a pullover. y

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma went to Goodlands Apparel Store to buy a pullover. Mr. Sharma did not read the price tag on the piece selected by him. At the counter, while making the payment he asked for the price. The shopkeeper informed him that the price was Rs 950/-. Meanwhile, Mrs. Sharma who was still shopping came back and joined him. She looked at the pullover tag and noticed that there was a 25% discount on it. Mr. Sharma was thrilled to hear that. “It means the price of this pullover is just Rs 712/-“said Mr. Sharma. He decided to buy one more pullover in green color. When he received the cash memo for payment, he was astonished to find that he had to pay Rs 1900/- and not Rs 1424/- as he had calculated. Mr. Sharma could hardly reconcile himself to the fact that the counter person had quoted the discounted price which was Rs 950/-. The original price printed on the price tag was Rs 1266/-.

Answer the following questions:


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Q1. Identify the sources of Mr. Sharma’s information.

Q2. What Mr. Sharma should have done to avoid the misunderstanding?

Q3. Who is to blame for this communication gap?


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