In the Module 4 Discussion, you considered how professional nurses can become involved in policy-making.

In the Module 4 Discussion, you considered how professional nurses can become involved in policy-making.
Review the Resources and reflect on the role of professional nurses in policy evaluation.

Post an explanation of at least two opportunities that currently exist for RNs and APRNs to actively participate in policy review. Explain some of the challenges that these opportunities may present and describe how you might overcome these challenges. Finally, recommend two strategies you might make to better advocate for or communicate the existence of these opportunities. Be specific and provide examples.


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Public health, which entails protecting the health of people and their community, is one of the most important subsets of healthcare. Achieving proper public health concerns depends on promoting healthy lifestyles, researching on how to avert infections in the community as well as preventing or responding to emerging infections in the community. In trying to achieve these aspects, public health officers are faced with many ethical dilemmas which they have to contend with as they seek to improve the well-being of the community they work in (Resnik et al., 2018). This task seeks to describe an example of a public health dilemma as well as highlight the primary public health interest in the example provided.

Ethical Dilemma There are many ethical issues that come up in public health. One most notable ethical dilemma is, however, paternalism and respect for the community. While paternalism entails acting with the intent of promoting the welfare of the community but mostly happens against the consent of the community that receives help. There are many instances when public health officers have always opted to swing into action whenever any public health issue crops up. The remedy they initiate however is never in the know for the community. The question that one asks, however, is whether the response has to be enacted only after the community has been consulted (Greenacre, 2016). This dilemma also goes hand in hand with respect as the community at times feel disrespected if they are not consulted. As an example, assume there is an outbreak of cholera in a community and then public….


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