How did the development of England from 1500 to 1814 compare to that of France?

Please answer the following essay question completely and with as many references to the textbooks, class discussions, and lecture as possible.



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“How did the development of England from 1500 to 1814 compare to that of France? Be sure to reference the development of the two countries through religious upheaval, revolution, and the establishment of overseas empire.”

Be sure to:

  • Include as many references as possible to the textbook, source material or outside reading as possible including but not limited to dates, places, names of people or books.
  • Be sure to fully address the question by discussing both ENGLAND and FRANCE and both how they were SIMILAR and DIFFERENT.
  • Be sure to make some sort of point. This is not a book report: please have a thesis or agreement in the first paragraph and a conclusion the last.
  • Enjoy this opportunity to prove that you have been paying attention, completing your readings and thinking, deeply, about what this class means in your everyday life.
  • Writing must be 600-700 words, will not count citation words.


  • Textbook: Nobel, Strauss, et al., Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries. Vol. 2, 7th ed.
  • I uploaded the Lecture note as pdf. Also, textbook for each chapter.


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