HOMEWORK HELP | Step into a Leadership Whirlwind by clicking on the icon below.

Step into a Leadership Whirlwind by clicking on the icon below. After listening to the “Whirlwind” identify two issues and develop a specific plan that would facilitate improvement for C.J. Your plan requires scholarly support for the actions as well as providing C.J. information useful for improvement.
Peer response: For the peer response, you assume the role of C.J.’s immediate supervisor who must review and approve the improvement plan. You need to select a peer’s initial posting, review the suggested plan, provide feedback regarding the stated plan, and you must add one different technique/action to improve the identified plan

see attached file for transcription or see below.


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NR504 – Leadership Whirlwind Discussion – transcript
OK, I’m not the best, but I’m not the worst. Should I stay here where they say such awful things, or do I leave?
I’m not bossy, I just want things done right.
S. M. in that other department, never answers my emails, so how can I know that there were problems?
My office door is closed…sometimes, but how do I get my work done if I don’t?
Why hasn’t someone told me this before? Why hasn’t someone offered to be my mentor?
Working with a group of staff to solve problems? I have never heard of such a thing…
Taking risks has never been easy for me…but some of the feedback could be a little correct.
Emails need to improve? I was a nurse before emails ever existed!
And It’s up to each staff person to learn new information. Errors means someone didn’t do their job correctly.
[deep breath/sigh] OK, maybe I should look at the evaluation tomorrow morning; maybe I can improve; I DO really want to stay and learn more about leadership.


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