HOMEWORK HELP | A brief description outlining the approaches to policy adoption and execution.

A brief description outlining the approaches to policy adoption and execution. Analyze how practical and effective you believe each approach may be based on this week’s assigned readings and from your personal and/or professional experiences in or with government either in the United States. Then, explain how the policy approach supports the transformation of a public policy agenda item into an actionable public policy. Provide specific examples based on the country that you have chosen.



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The public policy adoption and implementation process can assume different shapes depending on the approach adopted. More often, the adoption and execution of policies follow specific methods and processes that further lead to the development of numerous distinct and recognizable approaches (Nowlin, 2011). The approaches to adopting and executing a policy include the top-down approach – highlighting the unitary command bias along with works’ hierarchical direction from top to bottom. On the other hand, there is the policy action model that emphasizes power, motivation, interest, independence, and the managerial approach. Lastly, the bottom-up approach focuses on bureaucracy interaction with policy clients, especially in corporate and government institutions (Anderson, 2015). From my personal experience with one of the United States government institutions, I would say that I have experienced all the approaches, but I would also point out that the effectiveness and practicality of every one of the three depend on how well established and laid out the interaction rules between the decision-makers and public policy analysts.

           From my experience, the top-down and bottom-up approaches are often considered as a cycle or a sequential pattern in which the policies have been implemented as a science or | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | approaches have been demonstrated through estimation, appraisal, and assessment to establish the contents and implications for every party in the institution as part of the public policy implementation process | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | public policy approaches support the public policy agenda item transformation into an actionable public policy through the implementation of guiding | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | the approaches into actionable public policy involves the combination of organizational and professional factors, public opinion, consistency interests, and decision rules…


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