Google (Alphabet) Inc.: The Right Ads at the Right Time | Assignment Help

  • Read the case on pages 530 – 533 in book material.
  • Watch the video supplement to the case at link
  • Respond to the following case question. (Disregard the questions in the text.)

You are a member Google’s marketing team. Your team works with clients to demonstrate how Google can be successful with providing and integrated marketing communication plans for its advertisers. You have been assigned a client (specify a market/product or company). Outline an IMC plan for this company within Google’s advertising environment.

  • Include an analysis Google’s philosophy about advertising.
  • Include linkages to the unit chapters and content. Visit:
  • Evaluate integrated marketing communication and the communication process and the impact on the success of marketing planning
  • Choose the promotional approach appropriate to a product’s target audience, life-cycle stage, and characteristics, as well as stages of the buying decision and channel strategies.
  • Examine the elements of the promotion decision process, utilizing the promotional mix and its components

Link to book Material (pages 530 – 533 can be found here)


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