Girls get treated differently, regarding emotions, when they’re young. Boys should be treated the same as girls; this would improve boys emtional health as they grow up.

Emotional Growth in Boys

Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to manage, understand, use and positively channel their emotions. Some of the ways they could channel these emotions are by using them to communicate, empathize, relieve stress, defuse conflict and overcome life’s challenges. Statistics show that girls are more emotionally intelligent than boys are, due to how society treats and raises them from a young age (Glazer). Possibly, choosing to raise boys in the same way as girls would play a great role in developing their emotional health.


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Further research done by The British Journal of Developmental Psychology shows that parents are more likely to use emotional content and words when speaking to their young girls than when speaking to their young boys (Villines). The male child is taught that crying and showcasing any form of emotion is a form of weakness, which is not characteristic of a man. Girls, on the other hand, are brought up being taught how to empathize and be concerned about those around them.

As young boys and girls grow up, they are subject to the dynamics and stereotypes presented in their homes. Since mothers tend to use more emotionally laden language than fathers, boys develop the notion that men are supposed to behave in a less-attached manner. This is especially due to a child’s nature to imitate the same gendered models close to them (Glazer). Therefore, girls are prone to imitate moms, while boys are most likely to behave and act as their fathers do. Hence, reinforcing the idea that emotions are more acceptable for the girl than the boys, and is construed as a form of weakness.

However, over the years, it has become abundantly clear that teaching boys to be emotionally intelligent is just as important. As society continues to pressure boys to live up to the rigid and acceptable idea of manhood, they are led to suppress their most vulnerable emotions. This situation has resulted in several adverse effects. The first being a higher rate of depression amongst boys due to the inability to express themselves and any feelings that may be bothering them (Glazer). Due to the notion of manhood propagated by society, boys are less likely to seek therapy or counselling as a way to deal with any hardships they may be going through in life.

Secondly, boys are more prone to fail in school and life. Emotional intelligence plays a huge part in creating motivated and confident students while allowing them to develop effective communication skills (Villines). However, since boys are lacking in this intelligence they are therefore not able to communicate whenever they have an issue in school. They are also not in a position to show any weakness by asking questions when they do not understand what is being taught in the classroom.

Lastly, boys are also more likely to occasionally explode with murderous rage leading to the many tragic shootings that have become a constant part of life. The lack of emotional intelligence in adolescent boys has led to making adults who are less empathetic to the plight of others. As a result, there has been an influx in the number of …

With this in mind, the need to teach boys to be as emotionally intelligent as girls is crucial to ensure the future and development of the male species in society. Hence, there are several steps parents and teachers can actively take to nurture the emotional intelligence of their children. The first step is to acknowledge the child’s perspective and empathize with it, even if one may not agree. When the child feels understood, it makes it easier for them to let go of any troubling emotions they may have (Villines). Empathizing does not mean that the parent has to agree with the….

Secondly, parents should ensure that they listen to their children’s feelings. Especially in instances where the child has occasional bouts of rage, taking the time to listen and understand will help dissipate their anger. It will also teach them that there are better ways to solve any feelings of anger and frustration they may have. Creating a safe and responsive environment for a child to express oneself plays a crucial role in ensuring that the child stays relaxed and cooperative after the feelings wash over them (Villines). Helping boys feel safe enough to express …

The third way parents could develop emotional intelligence in boys is by playing. Children experience a series of feelings that they cannot process daily. They may feel frightened, angry, powerless or jealous and the best way to process these feelings is by playing. Play allows the boys to deal with their deeper emotional conflicts …

The fourth way would be to teach boys problem-solving techniques. Parents should ensure that their children understand that they cannot always act on their feelings. They should be able to breathe through them and tolerate them, giving them enough time to act on them with a calm and rational mind (Villines). Training them on…

The last step is to allow the boys to actively express themselves. Accepting a child’s emotions helps them realize that there is a difference between them and their emotions (Glazer). It also helps them understand that while they are allowed to have feelings, they should be careful not to let them control their actions; therefore…

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