Essay Help | Identify an area of chronic illness of specific interest to you and that is represented as a Healthy People 2020 topic (

While treating the chronically ill, a major challenge is developing a plan of care that addresses the specific needs of a patient and a caregiver. You need to be in close touch with patients and their support group, family and peers, to come up with an ideal plan.



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In this course project, you are going to develop a plan of care for a chronic illness group of your choice using the Healthy People 2020 Topics. While executing the tasks of this project, remember that while you need to give a general overview of the biomedical considerations of the case, the focus should always be on the psychosocial elements. Your perspective in this care plan should be the patient’s goals rather than those of the medical team.


Identify an area of chronic illness of specific interest to you and that is represented as a Healthy People 2020 topic ( Explain your choice and your interest in it. Prepare a questionnaire utilizing your knowledge of health and illness, with the aim of acquiring all information you need from patients to prepare a plan of care for the specific illness group. Submit your information in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document. In addition to your questionnaire, be sure to include the following details in your paper.


Chronic Illness of interest
Morbidity and comorbidity of the disease
Impact of the chronic illness and patient morbidity and the affect to overall health of nation
Healthy People 2020 goals and objectives for specific illness group


Chronic Illness – Cancer

Chronic Illness of Interest

Cancer is a chronic disease that has adverse impacts on patients, their families, as well as the entire nation. The disease is considered the most severe after cardiovascular diseases because it causes many deaths in the world (Hesse et al., 2014). Based on statistics by National Cancer Institute, the incidence is 455 per 100,000 people annually, while the annual mortality rate is 172 per 100,000 people. Besides, cancer mortality is estimated to be lower in women than men, accounting for 145.4 per 100,000 women and 207.9 per 100,000 men. The disease also affects …

There are several deadliest forms of malignancy including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, skin cancer, colon cancer, and Non-Hodgkin| PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |factors and symptoms differ depending on the type. Cancer can be treated by several methods including radiation, synthetic lethality, targeted t…

Morbidity and Comorbidity of Cancer

The use of cardiotoxic cancer treatments as well as increasing aging population has led to increased incidence of patients with cancer and other related | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to get incident CVD because of the cardiotoxicity resulting from chemotherapy drugs (Sarfati, Koczwara & Jackson, 2016). Several CVDs relate with cancer treatments including myopericarditis, thrombosis, valvular heart …

Cancer has long-term consequences for quality | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also more prevalent among the older population. Therefore, comorbidity is common among | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of cancer patients aged 65 years or older in the United States by Medicare beneficiaries revealed that 4 out of 10 patients…

Healthy People 2020 Goals and Objectives

Over the years, Healthy People 2020 has strived to reduce the incidence rate of cancer as well as disability, illness, and deaths resulting from | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |in both mortality and incidence rates for all types of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of Healthy People 2020 are to ensure that fifty percent of people who develop cancer will be able to survive despite the fact that cancer is the second deadliest disease in the in the world. Healthy People 2020 focus to accomplish this by monitoring trends in mortality, incidence, and survival rates to…

Furthermore, Healthy People 2020 aims at monitoring cancer because most types | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | may be achieved through | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | exposure to various risk factors such as tobacco products, ultraviolet light, poor nutrition, and physical inactivity. In the contemporary healthcare continuum, quality of service is …

Impact of Cancer and Patient Morbidity

Cancer affects the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being of the patient | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |treatment, the affected person may find it | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to re-enter professional and social life because of most fear lack of energy, increased the risk of infection, and anxiety about poor work performance (Golics et al., 2013). Besides, cancer patients, as well as their close relatives, experience several feelings during their cancer …

 The disease also affects the nation in | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of increased medical cost and reduced productivity of the affected person and their families. The financial costs of cancer treatment and management are high for both the…

Furthermore, there are several ways in which cancer | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | routines are affected because the affected person is unable to work and requires close attention of other family | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |to low purchasing power as a result of decreased per capita | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also need to share caregiving responsibilities so that all members feel they are contributing equally…


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