ESSAY HELP | Discuss the benefits and limitations to each resource

Conduct an internet search focusing on alternative methods of preventative care, i.e spiritual care, pet care, music therapy, etc. Compile a minimum of three (3) internet resources that address preventative health care and post to the DB. Discuss the benefits and limitations to each resource, how these resources can be incorporated into patient care, and what population would benefit most from these.



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Preventative care refers to the efforts and measures put in place to reduce the risk and possibility of an individual suffering from a disease or getting infected. Every healthcare professional has the responsibility to ensure that their patients stay healthy, without the need for medication, hence, the need for alternative forms of preventive care. The first kind of preventive healthcare is ensuring that the individual is spiritually healthy. Spiritual health refers to the feeling of peace, hope, and comfort even when going through the toughest of times | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | proper spiritual care enables the individual to focus on positive and uplifting | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | their well-being and preventing any further deterioration of their health | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | measure that mainly applies to adults who have spiritual beliefs. Music therapy is another alternative preventative healthcare measure. It involves the use of music in the form of song and dance as a way to deal with any health issues a patient may be suffering from| PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |method of healthcare, the individual uses the music to engage the brain as a way to manage the pain and increase the rate of recovery. Also, it helps in keeping the individual’s mind calm and focused on the positives in life, therefore making sure they stay healthy without the need…


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