ESSAY HELP | Describe how organizations use statistical thinking to be more competitive.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Describe how organizations use statistical thinking to be more competitive.
Apply the basic principles of statistical thinking to business processes.
Apply the SIPOC model to identify OFIs in business processes.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in business process improvement.



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Write clearly and concisely about business process improvement using proper writing mechanics.


Statistical Thinking in Healthcare

Process Map

Based on the process above, the pharmacy seems to be having two problems to deal with, processing of inaccurate prescriptions and counterchecking meds against labels | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | a prescription inaccurately goes beyond the initial review process, chances are dosage instructions | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to be double checking once medications are removed from the inventory since the wrong labelling could have fatal consequences (Lloyd, 2017). 

Identifying Possible Root Causes of the Problems

There is a possibility that handwriting could be playing a role in propagating the errors | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | who receive the orders take time to understand what has been written on | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | interpretation could mean a pharmacist will receive the wrong medication. Another root cause could be the possibility that staff is not fully trained on how to use the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that information on prescription is sent on time (possibly electronically) to avoid misinterpretation (Moraros, Lemstra & Nwankwo, 2016). Such problems can be classified as common-cause since they are not unique to the facility.

Tools to Be Used to Analyze the Business Process

There are many tools that can be used in collecting and analyzing the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | appropriate one for HMO pharmacy would be using the Pareto chart utilized in measuring solutions. The “five whys template” which is normally used to identify the root cause of problems can as well be used. The Pareto chart will display individual values using a bar chart in descending | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |

The solution to The Problems Facing HMO Pharmacy and How It Can Be Measured

In order to mitigate the risks mentioned above, it will be important to reach out to prescribers to avoid using handwritten prescriptions and instead embrace directly entering the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | chart can be utilized to monitor future errors for prescribers to note areas that need …


Lloyd, R. (2017). Quality health care: A guide to developing and using indicators. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Moraros, J., Lemstra, M., & Nwankwo, C. (2016). Lean interventions in healthcare: Do they actually work? A systematic literature review. International journal for quality in health care28(2), 150-165.

Poksinska, B. B., Fialkowska-Filipek, M., & Engström, J. (2017). Does lean healthcare improve patient satisfaction? A mixed-method investigation into primary care. BMJ Qual Saf26(2), 95-103.


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