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As you are driving back to your school following the next Principals’ Meeting, you reflect upon the video that Ms. Moneypenny, the CFO, showed today. “Equity and Equality: What’s the Difference?” showed two high school students defining the differences between equality and equity. You begin to think about how two ideas, equality and equity, influence financial policies in your school district.

Write your thoughts about how you will share what you learned about the differences between equality and equity with your faculty and staff at your next full faculty meeting.

While the words equality and equity may sound similar, there is a huge difference in terms of the outcomes depending on how each of the terms is applied. Equality means each group or individual is granted the same resources or opportunities. Equity acknowledges the fact that each party operates under different circumstances and therefore resources should be allocated based on need in order to reach an equal outcome…

Include 4 citations in APA style for at least two peer-reviewed journal articles that you will ask your faculty and staff to read before the next staff meeting. Discuss why you selected these two articles and how they help define the differences between equity and equality.


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Note: A transcript for “Equity and Equality: What’s the Difference?” is available on YouTube™.


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