Discuss the perspective of the narration and its effects.

Enchi Fumiko, Masks (1-30)
Discuss the perspective of the narration and its effects. Draw on two separate passages to support your claims.



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The narration perspective the author, Fumiko Enchi, used in “Masks,” is the third-person narrative. Enchi provides an insight into the characters’ emotions and thoughts in the story while developing some sort of distance between the | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | a story about other people, and the perspective it creates means a substantial amount of information must be drawn or derived from such characters as Tsuneo Ibuki and Toyoki Mikame (Enchi 3), as well as Mieko and Akio (Enchi 27).

In this case, the author uses a third-person narrative to influence, and build tension for the readers as they seek to know more about the characters and the story | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | from multiple viewpoints, and as much as a lot of work is presented from the standpoint of Ibuki Tseneo (Enchi 21), significant scenes throughout the passages are presented and conveyed through the minds and eyes of Togano Tasuko and Mikame Toyoki (Enchi 12), and to some extent Togano Mieko, who is the main female protagonist.

           The third-person narration presents its implication as far as the story is concerned, including the role various characters present. For instance, the author ensured that it becomes difficult to maintain a balance between hiding and revealing information, and its implications, about characters, and | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | between the passages makes it hard to connect between the discreet nature and impact of information the author presents as he exhibits a circumspect about the transformative experiences of Mieko, especially as a teenager (Enchi 15). It is here that the type of narrative used increases interest from the readers.

Work Cited

Enchi, Fumiko. Masks. New York: Vintage International, 2007. Print.


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