Homework help | Discuss the Pennsylvania system and its impact on the current penal system.

Discuss the Pennsylvania system and its impact on the current penal system.
Explore how the use of solitary confinement and the rules of it’s use have shifted over time.
What is the legal impact of abuse?



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The Pennsylvania System and its Impact

The Pennsylvania system was advocated by the Philadelphia society, and its mandate was to alleviate the miseries existing in public prisons. Most of the members of the society were Quakers. The application for what was referred to as the separate philosophy was made in 1829 (Steiner, Ellison, Butler & Cain, 2017). The system is formed in the presumption of a penal method that is based on the principle that solitary confinement is the best way to foster penitence and eventually realize reformation. In this system, prisoners are expected to have minimal or no contact as they live in their single cells (Azemi, 2019). The system is also dominated by strict measures that ensure adherence to control of contraband products as well as an improvement in security measures.

In the system, the confinement cells were strict to be nearly 12 feet in length and close to 8 feet wide. An exercise yard was to be completely closed as prisoners were to interact with no one other than prison officers and probably a visit occasionally. In later times, the solitary cells were modified to accommodate some skills such as weaving and shoemaking. The spread of the system went far and wide as they later found utility in some European prisons.

The Pennsylvania system had many notable impacts. Firstly, some critics argued that it was very costly and also possessed unimaginable effects on the minds of prisoners. The system was some torture to the prisoners as they didn’t have any form of freedom. However, confining prisoners in cells gave prisoners time to think and eventually apologize and reform from the kind of bad behavior they were undertaking (Wacquant, 2016). The work programs were also helpful as the prisoners could leave the facility with a skill that makes them meaningful in life. Even though some opponents saw confinement as a way of breaking the social norm that is important to humanity, it was, on the contrary, important as it helped prisoners avoid harm and torture prisoners normally receive from fellow inmates.

Lastly, the most significant impact is that the system resulted in the many reforms in prison settings. There was a review of major prisons, especially regarding social transformation practices. It is because of the outcomes from the system that the Auburn system came into practice.

How the use of solitary confinement has changed over time

Solitary confinement is no longer a disciplinary tool in US prisons. At least in law. Many changes have happened since the system came into place. The practice was used for a long time until the Auburn system was introduced. Guidelines for the treatment of prisoners have been changing from time to time, and in 2015, the UN prohibited the use of solitary confinement for at least 15 consecutive days | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | have, however, been advocated by individual prisons who have been changing the conditions within prisons. Some prisons provide their inmates with access to education and behavioral change | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | though isolated cases of solitary confinement still exist, conditions have been made better as prisoners live better lives.

Legal Impact of Abuse

Abuse in prison settings has many legal impacts. Mistreating inmates can take the form of physical abuse, psychological, and at times sexual abuse | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | through human rights advocates can file lawsuits against a prison officer or a whole prison facility for abusing him/her. Legal advocates are always available to represent individuals with such cases | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | of power by any correctional facility officer is never acceptable, and such an officer may be convicted for failing to adhere to ethical and legal mandates in prison service.


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