Discuss a personal nursing philosophy.

Discuss a personal nursing philosophy. Identify a nursing philosophy that best matches your personal philosophy. Discuss a nursing framework or theory that fits that philosophy including how it fits your personal philosophy. Identify a possible situation in which that framework or theory would be a poor fit and discuss why it is a poor fit for that situation. While it is an important skill to be able to match a theory with a situation, it is also critical to understand when a theory or framework does not fit a situation.



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The nursing profession is one of the most noble professions that require one to have principles and values that they live for. Such values and principles, as well as ethical practices, form the nursing philosophy. The importance of a nurse having such a philosophy is that it helps one to reflect on the services they give in healthcare towards achieving better quality care (Suwandi & Yusuf, 2017). In this essay, I present my own nursing philosophy which I have always desired to abide by in the provision of care to patients. Furthermore, a nursing theory that fits my philosophy will also be presented in detail.

Personal Nursing Philosophy My nursing philosophy sprouts from how I define what nursing is or who is a nurse. My definition of nursing is the provision of care that is based on compassion, a caring heart, respect for the patient as well as utmost honesty. Some of the other aspects that I have always believed can help deliver quality care is considering the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the patient. By xxx these xxx, the xxx of the xxx will have xxx taken care of and hence they will be free to share their xxx conditions xxx (Roy, 2018). The xxx philosophy which xxx my xxx is based on religion that insists on the need to be as xxx as possible when xxx with xxx…


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