Discrimination laws vary based on state.

Discrimination laws vary based on state. Research a recent discriminatory event that happened in your state. Discuss at two laws that were challenged that made this a discriminatory event. What evidence presented itself that determined the discriminatory practice? What was the outcome? Is there a state where this event would not have been considered discriminatory, if so, why? Share the article of the event within your post.



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Any form of discrimination is deemed not right as per the human rights defenders and as per laws established in different States. However, such laws vary from one state to another. The most recent discrimination event that occurred in Indiana is the Anti-Semitic Incident that took place at Indiana University in December 2019. In the incident, it is alleged that some members of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity stopped Jewish students from entering the hostel. The three students are said to have been physically abused and anti-Semitic slurs used against them.

Two Laws that made it a Discriminatory Event To qualify it a discriminatory event, it is important to refer to the recent executive order given by President Trump that stopped discrimination against Jews (Staff, 2019). Any event of such nature was thus perceived to be a violation of human rights. The event also goes against Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of…


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