HOMEWORK HELP | Describe how standardized test for college admission has become a controversial issue.

Unit 5 Assignment: Achievement and Aptitude Assessment Evaluation
Select an existing Achievement or Aptitude Test and discuss the possible sources of error that may be inherent in this instrument. Explain why some sources of error are likely to be larger than others for your selected test. Along with the text, and the two articles listed below, locate an additional two scholarly journal articles related to your selected inventory. (5 total references)

The (2) articles below are accessible through the following Library links. Respond to the corresponding topics in an essay format; summarize the salient validity issues in each article.


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Roach, R. (2014). Teaching to the Test. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 31(3), 32. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=96357911&site=eds-live

  1. Describe how standardized test for college admission has become a controversial issue.
  2. Discuss the issues with the education system’s reliance on the No Child Left Behind Act and how it has come under criticism.

Barrett, J. (2011). The Aptitude Test Workbook : Discover Your Potential and Improve Your Career Options with Practice Psychometric Tests (Vol. 2nd ed). London: Kogan Page. Retrieved from https://search-ebscohost-com.libauth.purdueglobal.edu/login.aspx?direct=true&db=nlebk&AN=354494&site=eds-live

  1. Discuss why it is important to explore a candidate’s abilities and true potential.
  2. Review the advantages of a client/student learning about their strengths and weaknesses can be helpful in their future goals

Note: Find a test measuring a construct for Achievement or Aptitude assessment; do not purchase a review of any test. You will use the websites to look up the name and brief description of a test and then conduct further research on your own about this test.

The assignment should include the following:

  • Follow assignment directions (review grading rubric for best results).
  • Use correct APA formatting per the current edition of the APA Publication Manual.
  • Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.
  • Be written in Standard English and be clear, specific, and error-free. If needed, be sure to use the Writing Center for help.
  • Be a minimum of seven pages (not including Title Page and Reference List).

Submitting your Assignment
Put your assignment in a Word document. Save it in a location that you will remember and with your full name along with the class number. When you are ready to submit it, click on the Dropbox and complete the steps below:

  • Click the link that says “Submit an Assignment.”
  • In the “Submit to Basket” menu, select Unit 5: Assignment.
  • In the “Comments” field, include at least the title of your paper.
  • Click the “Add Attachments” button.
  • Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document.
  • You should revisit the Dropbox to view any helpful feedback your instructor has left for you.
  • Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted assignment.

Unit 5 Assignment Rubrics

Grading Rubric Unit 5 AssignmentPoints Possible Points Earned 
Course Content  
Addresses each of the following areas using appropriate references to course materials:  
Student is able to identify an Achievement or Aptitude  test instrument and synthesize the theories and concepts from the readings, and how they influence reliability concepts. 0-20 
Student is able to discuss the strengths and weaknesses about the Achievement or Aptitude test and reflect on how this tool can be resourceful for the selected population.0-20
Student is able to clearly explain, and support with appropriate reference/citation issues with standardized testing and concerns with the “No Child Left Behind Act.” Address the importance of helping a client/student learn about their strengths and weaknesses and why it is important to aid them in reaching their abilities and true potential.0-30
Style and Mechanics: Clear and logical
organization; paragraphs and sentences are well
developed. Uses correct grammar, spelling, and
punctuation. Meets (7 page) length requirements. 
APA Style: Formatted correctly using APA style.
Provides (5) references to support conclusions.
Paraphrased correctly and accurately; direct
quotes used minimally.
An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the Assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade.  


There are many ways through which organizations gauge the suitability of candidates while undertaking a recruitment exercise. One such way is to use standardized testing mechanisms such as achievement or aptitude tests. Such tests can be defined as any form of test that subjects students to same kind of exam and that the scores are to be in a standardized manner making it possible to compare performance of one from the other. However, such tests have always been a source of controversy. While some view them as the best way to come up with a workforce that reflects what an organization wants, others will perceive them as tests that do not measure the qualities that reflect the student’s ability or applicant of a job. The ACT is one test that has been marred with controversy for students who wish to get a college or university admission (Barrett, 2011). The main idea behind the test is to measure how ready a high school student is for joining college.

 Through the test, the colleges get common data points that they can use to compare all applicants. The test scores will be measured alongside a student’s high school GPA, classes are undertaken in high school, the recommendation provided by mentors, other extra-curricular activities, personal motivational essay, and the admission| PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | importance put on such tests will vary from school to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | higher the score that one records, the higher the chances of being given the college | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | test on English, reading, math, and science. The tests end up being a source of stress for those who fail to meet the required threshold. Concerns of inappropriate marking always arise as well.

Possible Sources of Error Inherent in the Instrument Despite the great utility that this standardized test has found, it is prone to many errors. One source of error with this test is in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | year, many students that undertake the ACT tests seek to have scores being verified, and eventually, some errors are always noted and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | are many reasons as to why tests may have wrong | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT writtask.com | sources of such errors are problems that emanate from scanning answer sheets or essays, having a question or section-time on a test booklet printed incorrectly..


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