Describe a conflict that you have experienced in your professional life.

For this forum, I would like you to describe a conflict that you have experienced in your professional life. Please use the terms from this week’s reading to describe both the source and the outcome of the conflict. After reading this material, would you have managed this conflict in a different way? While you are not required to formally cite your sources within the forum, you should make sure that you are incorporating information from the readings into your responses. Your responses should clearly show that you have read the material.



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Workplace Conflict

To date, human resource management remains one of the prestigious professionals that many people hold so dear. However, owing to the nature of work and the responsibilities that the profession holds, more often conflicts will arise at times when one least expects. Talking from experience, my professional life in human resource has in some occasions been rocked with conflicts. A notable example, however, was when the procurement department witnessed constant power battles pitting two assistant procurement managers and a newly recruited senior procurement manager. A position had been advertised for a senior procurement manager and being the human resource manager, it was my responsibility to put down the necessary qualifications and make an xxx for a suitable xxx. It was also my xxx to ensure xxx there is xxx in the whole xxx process. In consultation xxx the xxx executive and senior xxx, the xxx for the position was made an external advertisement xxx that xxx from outside who deemed xxx could apply as well. This did not go down well with the internal deputy procurement officers who thought one of them could be selected. When…


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