Choose one of the articles below, and address the essay prompt associated with it.

Choose one of the articles below, and address the essay prompt associated with it. You will need to log in to the WCU library to access the full article.

Park, M. (2009). Ethical issues in nursing practice. Journal of Nursing Law, 13(3), 68-77. doi:10.1891/1073-7472.13.3.68


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Link: Ethical issues in nursing practice
Essay Prompt: Identify primary areas for legal and ethical issues faced by oncology nurses in this study (Park, 2009), and strategies they may have developed to work with those ethical issues.Your 1-2 page paper should include adhere to APA formatting and references/ citations for the article. Additional sources are optional


Article Summary and Review Essay

According to a study by Christensen in 2002, oncology nurses encounter a variety of legal and ethical issues. Some of these include preliminary orders, directives not to resuscitate patients, patient privacy and their documentation. Other problems include informed permission, pain management, as well as errors arising from medication (Mihyun Park, 2009). In this study, most of the issues that the nurses encountered were related to patient care matters as well as human rights issues as compared to the end of life problems. The most dominant of the two was patient issues.

Under the patient matters, staffing patterns were found to be the most significant issue as they limited the accessibility of care to patients. They were followed by foul patient-doctor relationships as well as inadequate resource allocation in terms of equipment, finances, and human capital (Cherry & Jacob, 2016). The human rights class was divided into three classifications in order of frequency, that is, the protection of human rights and nobility, the provision of care with possibilities of risks to RN’s health, and the informed permission to care.

Based on their specific duties or places of work, each nurse faced a primary issue. For instance, there was the question of whether to put someone under life-prolonging mechanisms, that is, the intensive care unit (Epstein & Turner, 2015). There was also an inadequacy of the essential resources for the administration of care. Besides, there were reports of under treatment, consent issues as well as some patients refusing to get treatment.

Moreover, some differences arose due to the delivery of medical care as some of them thought of it to be of poor quality. Lastly, there were issues with the protection of the rights of children (Mihyun Park, 2009). However, according to the author, it may be quite challenging to find a standardized assessment that nurses come across.

The nurses used both formal and informal approaches in their attempt to solve the ethical issues. In four of the reports, the nurses applied their knowledge to resolve ethical problems. Besides, a majority of the nurses discussed their concerns with their nursing peers. Most of the nurses also preferred addressing such issues to their superiors, that is, their supervisors, managers, and directors.


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