Choose a union with no less than 100,000 members.


Choose a union with no less than 100,000 members. To assist you, here is an expansive list of options from which to choose.


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1. Report on the union profile. How many members does the union have? How is the union’s organizational structure designed? In what industry(ies) does the union operate? How long has the union been in existence? Etc. (approximately 250 words for this section).

The American Federation of Teachers is the xxx largest federations representing the xxx of teachers. The union was established in Chicago in the year 1916 with the xxx and leader being Margaret Haley (Meador, 2017). Before the group was established, there was another precursor group which was known as the xxx Federation of Teachers and Students. More than half of the membership of the union is xxx of people who are directly involved with matters of education with the other…

2. Report on a minimum of three (3) legal disputes in which the union has been involved in the last 10-15 years (approximately 250 words for each dispute). For each dispute, discuss:

a. Who were the parties?

Case 1: American Federation of Teachers V. Ledbetter (2012). The first case is between the American Federation of Teachers as the appellants verses Richard Ledbetter as respondents. It was decided in November 2012 after a long court battle that had ensued since 2009. The case was an appeal of the earlier decision rendered by a lower court which had been disputed by the teachers’ union. The St. Louis affiliate of the federation was arguing against the decision by the trial court which

b. What was the nature of the dispute (i.e. what was the conflict)?

c. Were any adverse actions taken by either the union (strikes, etc.) or the employer (ULPs, etc.)?

d. How was the dispute resolved (i.e. mediation, arbitration, litigation, etc.)?

e. What was the final outcome?


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