ASSIGNMENT | What will be important to do in this final week to pass your project onto a new PM or team?

For your scholarly/narrative section write a 1-2 page paper addressing the following scenario: You are told that you are being moved from your current project to a new assignment and you have one week to transfer your work to a new PM.
What will be important to do in this final week to pass your project onto a new PM or team?
What qualities would you look for in a new PM for your project?
What have you built into your project to ensure that the project will achieve the practice change you proposed?
Although this is a theoretical scenario, it is expected that your writing is evidence-based as demonstrated by inclusion of scholarly sources to support your thoughts.



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Moving from one project to another can be PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | instances where a new project manager will be necessary. It is even more complicated when the transition from one project to another has to happen within very little predefined time frames, as will be discussed in this work.


The Important Thing to Do in The Last Week

In the last week, when one plans to transition to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to draw the transition plan, which involves ensuring that all documents are reviewed to ensure they are in order. Secondly, it will be important to hold a meeting with team members to draw the project history and status for the sake of the new team/ project manager. If finances are involved, this is the best time to streamline all financial aspects to ensure they reflect the plans the project was intended to achieve (Yacob, Saruwono & Ismail, 2018).

Qualities to Look for in A New Project Manager There are many considerations PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |recruiting a new project manager. One such skill is the ability to work in a team. The success of any project will depend on how well team members are ready to work together. This, however, only possible if the project manager leads by encouraging teamwork. Other considerations to make are strong leadership skills drawn from the experience the person has (Blaskovics, 2016). The potential project manager must also…


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