ASSIGNMENT | What resonated with you and why?

Read the Unnatural Causes: Accumulated Advantages story below, and write a 1-page double spaced (size 12 font) reflection on your experience. Please discuss the following: What resonated with you and why? What concepts were you already familiar with? What did you learn? What surprised you?



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Given my understanding, I have always believed that the state of health of a person or a community depends on the race and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of health resources allocated to a specific group of people or community is influenced by these factors. The dominant race is likely to benefit more from a working health system and resources, as well as the middle or upper social class compared to the fringe…

           In this case, what resonated with me is the experiences of the many people of color as they are discrimination is more frequent in society as they are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | discrimination directed at them often translates to unfair treatment in society and is evidenced by being denied jobs, promotions, or even PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | with the fact that I did not grow up in a house that my parents did not own …

           Additionally, after reading the article, I was already familiar with various concepts such as racial discrimination, implications of health on the minority groups, and the many people of color being treated PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that exclusion and discrimination, today, persist in various forms since society continues to use the specific racial lens to discriminate against specific people. Lastly, I was surprised that the effects of racial discrimination are not simply temporary or psychological. Rather, they are a reflection of the…

Work Cited

McIntosh, Peggy. “How is Health impacted by Race, and consequently, Class?” 1-11.


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