ASSIGNMENT | What is the background of the speaker and how they are involved with their topic?


PART I. Overview & Main Points of TED Talks

  Answer the following:   What is the background of the speaker and how they are involved with their topic? (3 Points)   The speaker has a masters degree in public health. She is involved in understanding how adversity affects the brain development of children and how such effects eventually lead to ADHD. Additionally, she engages in research/evidence-based practice in getting solutions for mental health adversities in children from vulnerable populations.   What are the main points of the TED Talk? (3 Points)The main points of the TED talk include physical abuse, emotional neglect and sexual abuse as the main causes of psychological trauma among children.A better understanding of clinical practice is determined on using of evidence-based practice.There is a direct relationship between ACE scores and health outcomes.Children are sensitive to repeated stress activation.   What are the verbal and nonverbal elements that made the TED Talk good? Verbal elements = The voice was well projects with slight pauses that were meant to get the attention of the audience. The author used a moving and convincing tone which ensured the attendants followed clearly. Additionally, she was not too fast nor too slow but moderate speed with breaks that allowed information to sink. Nonverbal elements (3 Points)   The use of nonverbal elements made the talk moving and appealing to the audience. The most notable elements were use of hand gestures, facial expression and posture. Her facial expression changed to show the seriousness of a point. Hand movements also corresponded to how much she wanted to insist on a given point. Additionally, body posture corresponded the varying intonations to make points clear or to insist on different areas during the presentation. She uses jokes such as the story of the bear to brighten the mood of the audience.   What is the dominant narrative and the counter-narrative? (3 Points)Dominant narrative   The dorminant narrative is that defiant child behavior is normal and is as a result of hard times that subject parents to negative social behaviors such as drinking and substance abuse or neglect of responsibility. Therefore, when children become defiant and exhibit mental issues, it should not be surprising.   Counter narrative   The present argues that children’s change of behavior should not be taken lightly and interpreted as normal aspects of life. She presents a direct correlation between psychological issues such as trauma, sexual abuse and parental neglect as the main causes of mental health disorders such as ADHD. Additionally, when children are subjected to high adversity, they are likely to engage in high risk behavior. Most of the adversities are inflicted by parents who are irresponsible and take such issues as normal.   Why should this TED Talk matter or be something we should care about? (3 Points)   This TED talk matters because it highlights adversities that are common among children yet society neglects. It is from such aversities that mental health issues are common among children. Listening to such TED talks help enlighten society on the need to reduce sources of adversities and consequently reduce cases of mental health among children.  

PART II. Integration of key concepts from course

  Please make this section a separate paragraph:   What key concepts from the course or this week’s readings can you reintroduce or highlight in relationship to this TED Talk? The key concepts that I can highlight from the TED talk is that research/evidence-based practice is an eye opener in provision of quality care (Daches 24). In the talk, Dr. Burke contends that her clinical experience and practice changed the moment she was given a research paper “The adverse childhood experience.” The study completely changed her experience in handling adversities among children diagnosed with ADHD. The second concept is that most of the mental health adversity issues are avoidable yet can result in many negative implications to the brain development/functioning of a child (Visser et al., 193).  


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