ASSIGNMENT | What do our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors contribute or take away from ourselves and others?

The paper has to do with cultural competence which is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures. Cultural competence encompasses: being aware of one’s own world view, developing positive attitudes towards cultural differences.



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MLA format – Typed in black ink using a Times New Roman – 12 point font – double-spaced – one-inch margins (top, bottom, right & left). Include a “Works Cited” page for the two sources quoted in your paper

Three (3) full pages. Do NOT triple space anywhere in the document. You can also go to the Writing Center in A322 to have them check over your paper or

Students in Lifespan Development courses will write an MLA Social Responsibility research paper on (divorce, euthanasia, abused patients, teen suicide, social networking, or dementia).


What do our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors contribute or take away from ourselves and others?
Did the research make you think differently about how you can impact cultural diversity problems, etc.
Name at least three issues that contributed to cultural competence situations. How should these situations have been handled? Please be specific in your answer citing the outcomes?
What have you learned about yourself from this research? How does it make you a better person?
How has your own culture shaped your world view? How can you adjust your actions to successfully interact with someone from another culture?
Locate two sources from the online databases about helping behaviors and how they can lead to significant improvements within society regarding cultural competence, etc. Include at least one quote from each source in your paper. Be sure to include a “Works Cited” page in your paper.


Social responsibility is a term that is widely used in almost all PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has found great utility in business where it mainly entails ethics, accountability as well as creating positive impacts to society and culture. In other aspects such PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | family set ups however, the term PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and value. It encompasses the aspects of one’s obligation to work for the benefit of another person or the society at large. If every person lived up to his/ her social PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in families, many problems could be avoided. This is however not the case as the rate of divorce cases are on the rise which implies that something is amiss. When evaluating the aspects of social responsibility in detail, cultural competency PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | seeks to critically evaluate the different dimensions of social responsibility on divorce.

What Our Beliefs, Behaviors and Attitudes Take Away from Ourselves and Others How one behaves, what one believes in and finally the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that one has over something PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | directly impact on not only oneself but also on others. For instance, it will be close to impossible to believe that a person whose attitude about marriage is very negative will live up to the call of PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that have been brought up in a divorced PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | very bad attitude towards marriage and consequently most of them end up divorcing as a way of living a life of contentment. Furthermore, people who have no value for marriage will always feel nothing when divorce is in the offing. On the contrary however, if one believes that marriage works despite the challenges, chances…


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