ASSIGNMENT | Summarizing the main points of the reading

Demonstrate your understanding of the reading as well as your own personal perspective. Reading responses serve as an opportunity for you to “take a position” on assigned readings by agreeing/disagreeing on specific issues that were raised within the reading. Synthesizing and critiquing the material (which is what you should do) is not the same as summarizing. Opinions and personal experiences are welcomed as well, but should be presented in the context of class material and succinctly answering the essay questions.



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To summarize, please make sure that each reading response includes the below:
Summarizing the main points of the reading
Sharing you thoughts of the reading (agree/disagree)
How the reading relates to your personal experiences
Cite your chosen reading within the response i.e. add a quote and cite using APA format (Author\’s last name, YEar published).


The reading, “Confronting Institutionalized Racism,” raises questions and attempts to provide answers, especially on how racism operates, as well as the needed mobilization with other like-minded individuals to confront the system before dismantling it (Camara 9). The author emphasizes that the objective is to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | on the pervasive health PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the race that have PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | America for centuries. The reading also explores the role of race in health and its PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to ethnic health disparities (Camara 7). Of importance are the various levels of racial (and ethnic) health PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | comprising differential care within the system of health care, access to differential health care, and differences between different health and disease levels (Camara 10).            From the reading, I think that institutionalized racism is a major area of concern, especially when it involves critical issues


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