ASSIGNMENT | Reflect on whether you tend to rely more on instinctual or deliberate thought processes.

Reflect on whether you tend to rely more on instinctual or deliberate thought processes. How do your thought processes and decision-making strategies vary depending on the situation? Give an example to illustrate your self-assessment.



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Thought formation process takes place in two levels: instinctually or deliberately. Instinctual thought formation process happens during emergencies, and a person has minimal time to analyze their decisions and to determine the aftermath of their decisions. They, therefore, make a rush decision to save the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | analyze the aftermath of their decisions and formulate the appropriate corresponding mechanisms to deal with the consequences. This approach of thought formation is suitable for making short-term decisions, especially during crucial moments.

Deliberate thinking, on the other hand, entails a thought formation PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | whereby the beholder has enough time to analyze the underlying facts, assesses the aftermath of each possible decision, and settles for the most appropriate. In this scenario, the situation at hand could be a prevailing problem, and then a person undertakes to analyze it and come up with a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to rely more on the instinctual mode of thought formation. Hereby, the thought is triggered by the event at hand, like an emergency that needs immediate decision making. Hereby, I formulate the most appropriate remedy for the problem at hand but try to understand all other aspects involved to avoid making similar mistakes like before. During thought formation, therefore, following the triggering event, the past experiences, the context, and the likely outcome lead to deliberate thinking, whereby I have to consider the other factors before making the judgment. Since instinctual…


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