ASSIGNMENT | Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (Kokoro part 1)

What does the narrator seem to value about Sensei? (Bullet points okay.) Do you identify with his point of view? Why or why not?



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Japanese Fiction in Comparative Contexts (Kokoro Part 1)

            To begin with, the narrator PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | because of discretion, but he (narrator) finds it more natural that he does so, which in essence means he values him as important, and that Sensei cannot PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | valued Sensei because he appeared considerate, sensitive, and calm, as well as capable of love, but not willing to open up to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also appreciated that Sensei was at peace with himself despite the quietness he exhibited. Sensei, despite his silence, was also determined to explore earthly wonders, and the narrator was inquisitive to understand what his friend thought about various things, including the difference between Sensei’s pilgrimage to the grave and ordinary PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | valued relationships, and the narrator showed it through Sensei’s closeness with his wife.

           Considering the narrator, I identify with his point of view. One of the reasons is that he values openness in a friend, something that is evident as he craves for PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | position since he appears to be concerned; for instance, since Sensei lived in total obscurity, the narrator often remarked that he pities him considering no one knew of Sensei’s ideas or his scholarship, but he (Sensei) would not pay any PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | identity with the narrator’s point of view because he is seeking a close and trustworthy friend like Sensei he can confide in, which does not often happen. Lastly, only knowing snippets of a person’s life…


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