ASSIGNMENT | Improving Organizational Culture: Acceptance of Religion and Orientation

Fig Technologies has identified concerns at several of their offices globally. Division has been noted on key teams based upon religion and sexual orientation. Several team members have complained that the non-Christian holidays and LGBT celebrations are not recognized by the established company celebrations or paid time off for observance. There have been complaints with regard to coworkers making harassing comments to this effect. The Executive Leadership Council has asked for you to draft an assessment of these concerns and then to propose a plan of action for addressing these concerns. Further, include a preliminary draft of policy to be included as an addendum to the organizational policy on discrimination and harassment. In your report, be sure to address the following:
Compare the impact of different religious beliefs and practices (choose three to four different religions) and how these affect the organizational culture, and describe how your new plan and policy will improve organizational culture through inclusion of different religious beliefs and practices.

Compare how belief systems of different gender orientations and sexual orientations may impact the organizational culture, and describe the effects of discrimination against any of these. In your plan of action, address how inclusion and assimilation of different orientations will improve organizational culture.
Support your recommendation through the use of at least three scholarly sources. Content should be two to three pages in length. Length does not include an assessment tool, though it may be added as an addendum (recommended). All sources used, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations used must be in APA style. Have some fun with the assignment. Use your creative thinking along with your critical thinking to include your perspective of the findings and how to address the issue. Please include links to sources used. No plagiarism please.


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The first amendment to the US constitution forms the basis upon which people enjoy the various forms of freedom. It is for this reason that people enjoy the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of religion and sexual PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |. Such freedoms, however, have a great impact on the culture of an organization as will be shown in this task.

Impact of different Religious Beliefs and Practices The current world continues to witness an increase in the number of religious beliefs. Such religions tend to follow PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | rituals and beliefs that may not conform to the employment requirements of many organizations (Schilt, 2009). The most common religions in the world are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Taking Christianity for instance, there exist two PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | with one worshiping on Saturday and others on Sunday. For an organization established in a setting where the majority of employees go to church on Saturday, it may be difficult for an organization to come up have…


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