ASSIGNMENT | How the reading relates to your personal experiences

Reading responses serve as an opportunity for you to “take a position” on assigned readings by agreeing/disagreeing on specific issues that were raised within the reading. Synthesizing and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the material (which is what you should do) is not the same as summarizing. Opinions and personal experiences are welcomed as well but should be presented in the context of class material and succinctly answering the essay questions.



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To summarize, please make sure that each reading response includes the below:
Summarizing the main points of the reading
Sharing your thoughts of the reading (agree/disagree)
How the reading relates to your personal experiences
Cite your chosen reading within the response i.e. add a quote and cite using APA format (Author\’s last name, YEar published).


African American Studies


            Health care disparities are profound in American society, and the article by Bennett et al. (2004) illustrates this phenomenon. The study in this reading focuses on proving the John Henryism (JH) hypothesis, which argues that prolonged effort to manage chronic psychological stress has a positive correlation with deterioration in health outcomes, especially for the economically disadvantaged community. African Americans are…

Agreed Points

            Notably, the research uses a multidisciplinary approach to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | psychological health to be determined on social and PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | unique since it extents a study on the African American community as proof of the JH hypothesis.  The claim is sensible since some diseases like blood pressure; hypertension, illness, and cardiovascular reactivity are more among African Americans compared to the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | experienced by African Americans are discrimination against race and traditions. Eventually, the population suffers poor access to education, low employment status, and lack of ….

Relation to my Experience             One notable characteristics of African PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |, from my own experience, is high temperament compared to the Native Americans. In my view, the foundation for this attribute is the historical injustices like slavery and current s


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