ASSIGNMENT | How can law enforcement prevent computer crimes?

How can law enforcement prevent computer crimes?
Please answer the following:

What steps should a law enforcement agency take to start a computer crime unit?
What steps should the agency take to reduce computer crime in its community?
Where would the law enforcement agency find expertise in the field of computer crime that they could use to assist with investigations?


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A law enforcement agency should take various steps to establish a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | step the agency should take is determining the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | as it will be important to assess the needs of the department for the appropriate establishment of unit capabilities, and determining the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | responsibility areas (Sarre et al., 2018). The second step is overseeing the recruitment process since staffing is a critical component of establishing a strong cybercrime unit. The third step is developing inter-agency partnerships since department leaders in the agency must build collaborative relationships with the state, local, and country agencies (Ngo & Jaishankar, 2017). Lastly, better training and funding will be critical before the unit functions appropriately.

           There are various steps the agency should take to reduce the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of computer crime in the community. The agency investigates a wider range of cyber-crime such as fraud and theft, as well as child exploitation, and apprehending and prosecuting the responsible ones (Holt, 2018). The following PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | are meant for cybercrime deterrence. They comprise teaching cyber-ethics (shunning all forms of computer crimes), encouraging a culture that is centered on security, and conducting awareness programs in the community on various measures of preventing computer crimes (Payne & PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | agency should find expertise in the computer crime field to assist with cybercrime investigations. The expertise should be acquired through cybercrime training and taskforces within the agency


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