ASSIGNMENT HELP | Write the name of a stakeholder in the Virtual Community.

Write the name of a stakeholder in the Virtual Community. Explain the position the stakeholder would take following a school shooting and why the stakeholder would assume that position. Provide alternative policy positions that could be embraced by the stakeholder and explain why.



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Virtual Community Stakeholders – Gun Control

            Gun control is a policy issue that continues to attract passionate points of view. The policy issue can also be contentious as freedoms of ordinary citizens collide with the government’s role in ensuring public safety. In this case, a virtual community comprises individuals or groups sharing a common objective or interest, who engage and share information online. Considering a stakeholder is defined as an individual with a specific interest, he/she, especially in the virtual community, could be an employee or a government agent (Greenfield, 2012). An example of a virtual community is Facebook. As a contemporary virtual community, the stakeholders include employees as well corporations and individuals engaging and sharing information using the Facebook platform. Therefore, the conclusion is that an employee is a stakeholder within a virtual community.

           In a scenario involving a school shooting, the stakeholder would be responsible to inform and update other stakeholders in the virtual community about the | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | reason why the stakeholder would take such a position is to try to abide by the objective of the virtual community that is interaction and sharing of information | GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | and sharing the information with other stakeholders about the act of school shooting means the shareholder would enrich the virtual community’s purpose.

           There are alternative policy | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | alternatives include the stakeholder taking policy positions to either report the school shooting to the law enforcement officers or attempt to combat the culprits within the school, then share the information with the virtual | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | stakeholder embracing the alternative policy standpoints is targeted at stopping the shooting to avoid more deaths and injuries of students and staff in the school and administer first aid.


Greenfield, K. (2012). The stakeholder strategy. Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, (26), 47-59.


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