ASSIGNMENT HELP | Why should a manager of a bank home office be evaluated differently than a manager of a bank branch?

 Discussion topic and question (just a few paragraphs are required, doesn’t need to be too long)

Why should a manager of a bank home office be evaluated differently than a manager of a bank branch? Can you provide an example of a company that may evaluate managers within distinct divisions differently?


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How would you apply yield management concepts to a barbershop? What about a soft drink vending machine? Provide another example and you would you apply yield management.

Respond to two peers discussions below (just need a few sentences in the response)


Peer 1

Managers of a bank home office should be evaluated differently than the manager of branch because most bank branch offices just deal with members coming in and doing normal bank transactions. At a bank home office there is more responsibility and more of face to face contact with the members.  An example of managers getting evaluated differently is a manager of a Gate Station compared to the manager of loss prevention over the Gate Station. The manager of the station is responsible for that store with the inventory, employees, and the money, however the loss prevention manager is responsible for the district and they have to go in and find where a specific store is losing money. If the money is being stolen and then have to find the proof of who and how they are stealing. Finding the money is a bigger job and responsible for more money and more stores.

A barbershop can apply the yield management concepts by giving a discount to walk-in clients. Some people like appointments and set up appointments so they do not have to wait. Well some times people make appointments and then are a no show and money is lost because that barber was waiting on that client. So, for the convenience of setting an appointment the hair cut will cost a little more.

Vending machines are another example of paying more for the convenience of having a drink or snack at hand. People pay more for a drink out of a vending machine than they would if the drink was bought at a store. Another example is Amazon! People order items because it is convenient to be sitting at home or in an office waiting or even at work to just go online and order what you are looking for. Yes, you can have it the next day or within two days with Prime but if you had just waited until you could get to the store you would have paid less for the item.

Peer 2:

Why should a manager of a bank home office be evaluated differently than a manager of a bank branch? Since a bank home office typifies low contact quasi-manufacturing, while a bank branch typifies medium contact mixed service, the problems faced by management differ considerably. For one the bank manager is responsible for for the operation, administration, marketing, training, lending and security of a local bank branch. While the manager of a bank branch is executive oversees the branch of the bank or the financial institute. They job includes managing resources and staff, and attaining sales goals, delivering exceptional customer service and growing the firm.

A example of a company that may evaluate managers within distinct division differently is a manager at a fast food restaurant has to make sure they are delivering high quality food, promoting excellent customer service, creating a safe environment, maintaining good hygiene, organize team meeting and also handle customer complaints. Another example is that of a manager at a shoe store who’s job may include  greeting customers, identifying their needs, making suggestions, keeping records, stocking shelves, preventing theft, and keeping the premises clean.

A barbershop can apply yield management by running special on services render at their shop. For instance my hair is locked and my stylist give you a discount for Christmas and she also does your hair for free for your birthday. Many other barbershops do back-to-school specials. Many stylist require you to use style seat which is an app that allows you to make your appointment and you maybe asked to pay a deposit in case you do a no show or the deposit will be reduced from your total once you get your service.

Soft drink vending machines are practically everywhere you go, and they are a good thing to have in a business. For instance when you go to the barbershop sometimes you may have to wait and if you’re getting a service that may take several hours and you just want a small snack without leaving the shop you can easily get that drink and snack at a fee that maybe a little higher than the store, but you come out on the plus side because you don’t have to leave the shop in order to get a snack.

Another example is shopping online, I have 2 granddaughters and a lot of times I can’t always get out to go shopping for things they need, so I do a lot of online shopping with Carter, Old Navy, Amazon, and a few other companies from the comfort of my own home. I don’t mind paying the extras especially around the holidays because it save me from being out and about with the crowds, I don’t have to worry about the girls getting aggravated, and I also still get the chance to find items at a discounted price.


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In a barbershop, yield management can be applied by giving some a client discount, for any new | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | machine strategically placed say in a salon where people can buy a soft drink and a snack at a slightly higher charge as they don’t have to move far away. Another example of yield …


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