ASSIGNMENT HELP | Who was Zoroaster? What was his impact on the monotheistic tradition in world religions?

Who was Zoroaster? What was his impact on the monotheistic tradition in world religions?



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Zoroaster also known as Zarathustra is an Iranian priest, prophet and reformer. He is believed to have lived in 800 B.C in Northeastern Iran in a tribe that practiced polytheism. His parents were Persians, Pourusaspa and Dughdova. He had four siblings. Zoroaster is known for Zoroastrianism, one of the oldest surviving monotheistic religions in the world (Jose, 2017). Zoroaster was among the first monotheists.

Zoroaster was a priest at 15 years and he always opposed the cults and animal sacrifices to different gods. He sought to be righteous and wise and this led to a divine revelation from Ahura Mazda. During a rites ceremony at the age of 30 years Zoroaster got a divine vision from Ahura Mazda – the supreme god and creator of the universe. He revealed to him to teach monotheistic religion: proclaim the worship and existence of the only god Ahura Mazda. This revelation birthed the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | doctrines were passed on orally and via written scriptures contained in the Avesta. Avesta was a bible written by Zoroaster that consisted of doctrines of Ahura Mazda (Gathas), hymns of Zoroastrian (Yashts) and daily liturgical texts (Yasna).

 Zoroastrianism teachings centered on Ahura Mazda led to conflicts within the Karpans and Kawis priesthood groups making Zoroaster to escape to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | managed to convert King Vishtaspa to the good | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | increase in wars as a result of the king’s conversion and Zoroaster was killed during that period at | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | conversion led to the rapid spread and acceptance of monotheism faith. Zoroastrianism is presently practiced in some parts of Iran and India.

Impact of Zoroaster on the Monotheistic Tradition in World Religions

The world religions are Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and so forth. Judaism, Islam and Christianity are the religions that practice | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | aspects are; belief in one God, uniqueness of God, God as the sole creator of the universe, existence of God, Satan concept, heaven and hell and resurrection. Religions’ monotheism has been shaped by the Zoroastrian concepts.


The Jewish understanding of God is greatly influenced by the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in 586 BCE invaded the Jews, tore down their temple and many of them were forced to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | captivity lasted several years and during | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | experienced Zoroastrianism and consequently changed their understanding | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | their way of worshipping as they could no longer perform animal sacrifices rituals or go to | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in exile also encountered Zoroastrian oral scriptures like Gathas and Yashts and as a result they wrote the Hebrew bible. Due to Zoroastrian monotheism encounter, the Jews believed in only one universal God.


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