ASSIGNMENT HELP | What strategies can clinical instructors use to overcome the following challenges:

Consider some of the challenges that clinical instructors can face. What strategies can clinical instructors use to overcome the following challenges:



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1) Time pressure
2) Fewer patients
3) Shorter hospital stays
4) Limited availability and variety of learning opportunities
5) The varied needs and abilities of students


Principles of Teaching and Learning

Clinical instructors face various challenges while in the line | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | interact with different people and equipment, and that means there are challenges that they have to maneuver in order to provide the expected | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | common challenges that they face revolve around time pressure, fewer patients, Students’ irregularity, lack of cooperation, lack of financial incentives, shower hospital stays, limited availability of learning opportunities, students not willing to learn, and varied | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | strategies that the instructors can apply to overcome these challenges.

Time pressure mostly comes from the overwhelming number of patients and students that they handle as well as the equipment that they use. Time pressure can be overcome by ensuring that the tools used by the instructors are suitable, as this will lead to a smooth working | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | more assistant instructors or health practitioners helps in reducing the number of patients at the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the higher the number, the faster the services are provided hence making the premises have fewer | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | issue of having shorter hospital stays is one that occurs as a result of people suffering from chronic | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | be overcome by training more nurses to gain skills on how to treat patients from home. This will ensure that the stay at the hospital is reduced for every patient.

Learning opportunities are essential for instructors and nurses as they encounter several new infections | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | departments need to set aside funds that will be used to offer training and learning opportunities among nurses for them to deal with the new cases that they face | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | his or her own ability in the nursing field. A clinical instructor can deal with this challenge by identifying the different abilities among students and grouping them for | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | also helps them in specializing in some of the areas that they feel they can do well as needed.


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