ASSIGNMENT HELP | What do you think of the Banning of Mexican American Studies (MAS) in Arizona?

Forum Questions:

What do you think of the Banning of Mexican American Studies (MAS) in Arizona?
What are the historical connections between colonialism and the banning of MAS?
How do you feel about the recent victory for Ethnic Studies?
Please share your reflections.


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Every student has a right to information and ideas irrespective of their ethnicity. The violation and elimination of the constitutional rights of Mexican American students prove to be motivated by racial animus and, therefore, should be abolished by all PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Valarie Strauss, an article columnist (2017), some students sued a public institution in Arizona for violation of their rights under the 14th amendments by Tucson Unified school district. From the claim, it is evident that the school had the intention of eliminating Mexican American studies without proper PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to eliminate the program was intentionally aimed at discriminating against Latinos. For a very long time, blacks and Latinos have been struggling with racial animus.

Certainly, it is not good to discriminate against another ethnic community based on their color or other factors. People should embrace diversity and accommodate each other as brothers and sisters irrespective of their background PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the world a better place for everyone and at the same time, leave a legacy to the next generation. The banning of Mexican American studies is not reasonable, and the Arizona State ought to retract the action.

Logically, education is a weapon formed to eradicate poverty by enlightening people on the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |tends to deny you education is not only your enemy but an oppressor as well. In this concept, the students had the right to seek education, but as PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | has it, Mexico is rich in natural resources, and enlightening these people on the right way with the modern education system seemed to be a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | exploring the natural resource and colonize their PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that Americans are more competent than Mexicans can be witnessed by banning the education program.

The students are termed as illegal aliens, as PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in the facing of racialized political settings PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | perpetrators not only colonized them physically but also psychologically, making them vulnerable under their control. Jensen explains that the United States – Mexican relations can be strengthened by offering programs that teach the history of these two PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | is viewed as unimportant to the State and is therefore ignored. Providentially, the end of racial animus marked by a federal court ruling outlawing Arizona’s ban on ethnic Studies makes me feel good and excited. I can imagine the relief enjoyed by the affected students and how it has impacted their lives. It has marked the end of trauma to many, and the federal court made the right decision…


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