ASSIGNMENT HELP | What are three exceptions that are now recognized?

Although the Fourth Amendment doesn\’t specifically address privacy rights in an automobile, exceptions for automobiles have been created. What are three exceptions that are now recognized? What is the significance of Carroll v. U.S. (1925)? posts should reference the textbook, Criminal Law & Procedure, and, at least one outside source. All sources must be cited using APA guidelines.



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Fourth Amendment

The primary objective of the Fourth Amendment is the protection of privacy rights. The provision requires law engagement agencies to obtain a PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | before proceeding with search operations in any PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | or place of abode (Bacigal & Tate, 2014). For the officers to PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |beyond a reasonable doubt that they have probable cause, that is, linking the residence or suspect with the crime.

However, there are exceptions to this law. PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | may search the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |if there is enough probable cause warranting the PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | an implication of the passengers or drivers, it is the officer’s mandate to search all the parts of the vehicle even without permission. The court reasoned that obtaining a warrant at such a time would allow the suspects to escape using the car.

Officers must PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | only stop vehicles if they are PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and reasonably suspicious of the people inside the car or its PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT |-checkpoints are mandatory regardless of the situation to foster highway safety or in adherence to the international border policies. The law also requires that police officers carry out the Terry-type search of the passenger compartments to identify any illegal objects or …

The case of Carroll vs the United States was significant in that it led to exemptions of the Fourth Amendment in certain situations. However, the Supreme Court was, at first, torn between deciding whether officers needed a search warrant in the case of an automobile. Carroll and Kiro’s car was used to commit a drug crime two months before it was seized by the police (Renan, 2016). After their arrest and sentencing, the two made an appeal to the Supreme …


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