Assignment Help: Using references, identity the research result that you could use in your practice setting.

Using the following steps found within the translation phase of the Practice Evidence Translation (PET) model developed by Johns Hopkins, select a research result reported in a journal article that supports your PICOT/PICo question.



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Please respond to the following steps. Please note that wording of the steps may have been modified slightly from the PET so that they help with this posting. Include the permalink at the end of your posting.
• Using references, identity the research result that you could use in your practice setting.
• Determine fit, feasibility, and appropriateness of the result for your practice setting.
• Using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA), outline an action plan.

• Identify the resources (physical, personal, technology) needed to implement your action plan.
• Determine the criteria that you would use to determine whether the implementation of your project was successful.
• Identify one future research study that would be useful in extending knowledge of your selected project result.

P: Among health care workers and patients,
I: Enforcing hand washing protocol,
C. Compared to no hand washing protocol,
O: Minimize hospital acquired infections in an adult in-patient critical care department in the course of hospitalization


Statistical Versus Clinical Significance of Results

Statistical significance of results entails the likelihood that a given research result is real and represents the true picture of the sample size. If a given sample size is big, statistical results are significant as they show very small differences between different sample sizes. On the other hand, clinical significance provides information on how effective or important the findings of research are to a given patient. In that case, clinical significance is subjective rather than objective (Schneider, 2013).

Would it be possible to have research study results that supported the acceptance of the null hypothesis and demonstrate clinical significance?

Yes, it is possible to have instances where the null is accepted and shows clinical significance. For example, if we consider a null hypothesis that “scrubbing and drying a wound for 30 seconds and letting it dry leads to less contamination.” It can be shown that continued use of this practice can actually prove the validity of this statement.

If You Question the Credibility of the Results from A Qualitative Study, Would The Information Have Clinical Significance for Your Practice Area? Why or Why Not? Provide A Hypothetical Example That Supports Your Answer. In nursing, qualitative research is important in exploring different nursing issues in order to grasp the underlying motives as well as opinions as pertains the nursing phenomenon. If at all there is no enough evidence that the study provides, the people concerned about the outcome may argue that credibility is missing. On the contrary, so


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