Assignment Help | There has been an educational paradigm shift from a focus on teaching to learning.

There has been an educational paradigm shift from a focus on teaching to learning. Consider the following statement in light of the shift from teaching to learning: “Teachers don’t fail students; students fail themselves.” Do you agree or disagree? Provide examples that support your position.



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Paradigm Shift

Since the days of Florence Nightingale in the 1880’s, the process of learning and more so the role of a teacher in education cannot be ignored. Many have argued that the learning process is meant to bring out what is already inborn in a child yet others argue that the role of a teacher is to instill what is not in a child. In some instances, a child ends up failing in the process of learning. And so the question is, do teachers fail students or students fail themselves? These questions can be approached from both sides of the coin. It all depends on many factors including the type of teacher (personalities are different), the student who is the receiver of information as well as the …

My position however is that teachers don’t fail students but rather students fail themselves. Through my experience as a student, I have witnessed more often than not the mistakes students make, even after a teacher has done all that is possible to make the students pass. Even though teachers may have a different teaching style and influence on the learners performance, it is the input and the zeal the student puts in that can make a difference in the learning curve. It is also true that the teacher contributes less than 50% of what is necessary for a student to pass and the student himself contributes more than 50% of success (William, 2016). The contribution of the student therefore can be a big factor for the success or failure. Since there is a very big shift from teaching to learning, it goes without saying that the student has a very big learning role bigger than the teaching role the teacher had. Parents and the environment are also factors that determine the success of a student. Such factors are beyond the control of a teacher and therefore it …


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