ASSIGNMENT HELP | Specify at least three concepts that are essential in your practice of nursing.

Write a 1-page paper on your philosophy of nursing using APA format. Include a title page and reference list (if applicable). For an overview of a philosophy of nursing, read the article: “Articulating Your Philosophy of Nursing (PDF).”



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Specify at least three concepts that are essential in your practice of nursing. Explain whether your philosophy portrays nursing as a science or an art.

This assignment will be evaluated using the Philosophy of Nursing Rubric.


Philosophy of Nursing

My philosophy in nursing has its foundation on the concepts of care, health, and the environment. As a nurse, I believe that it is my role to ensure that the patient is well cared for, as they seek medical intervention to deal with their health concerns. The concept of care goes beyond just ensuring that the individual’s physical health is at | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | involves making sure that patients’ experience at the health care facility is one that allows them to feel respected, while at the same time preserving their human dignity in the process.

Health is the second most important concept in my | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | that health goes beyond treating an individual’s physical and mental problems. As a nurse, I seek to ensure that patients who entrust me with their care experience mental, physical, and spiritual health during their stay in the facility and even after the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in all these states is a critical part of making sure they stay healthy even after leaving | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | developing a relationship with them and their families while coming up with interventions that best suit their needs.

Lastly, the environment is a crucial concept in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | right environment for the patient to get better as well as live a healthy life is a role I consider important in my work as a | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | done by ensuring that the staff that tends to the patients are respectful towards them and their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | happens by making sure that the area the patient is living in is conducive enough to facilitate and meet their health needs.


Giddens, J. (2017). Concepts for nursing practice. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

Smith, A. J., & Wolf, L. A. (2018). “What are you measuring?” Choosing an appropriate instrument to measure nursing concepts. Journal of Emergency Nursing44(1), 97-98.


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