ASSIGNMENT HELP | Review the results from your analysis of a problem or innovation opportunity conducted in Week 5 (see attached file).

Review the results from your analysis of a problem or innovation opportunity conducted in Week 5 (see attached file).

Write the 1,050- to 1,225-word “Application” section of your integrative paper in which you do the following:
o State the specific problem or innovation opportunity.
o Summarize the setting within the health care organization where this problem/opportunity exists.
o Identify and describe the stakeholders involved and those who are essential to effecting change (and why).
o Describe the recommended solution in complex systems thinking terms.
o Specify the expected outcomes and how they will be measured, including (but not limited to) how results from this solution contribute to the organization’s pursuit of the Triple Aim.


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o Present a synthesis of the specific theories, conceptual models, and research into complex systems thinking and innovation that support your recommended solution. Be persuasive by drawing on scholarly sources used in the “Breadth” and “Depth” sections.


Write a 350- to 700-word “Conclusion” section for the paper in which you do the following:
o Discuss how the solution will improve the performance of the health care organization.
o Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the broader health care ecosystem and discuss how such problems or opportunities can be addressed in other organizations.


Applying Systems Thinking and Research to a Complex Health Care Organization

Specific Problem or Innovation Opportunity

Healthcare, in reality, is a complex service structure, requiring an inclusive and adaptive system based on the technology methodology of systems development. Health services are usually conducted with knowledge-intensive entities or components that collaborate as suppliers and customers to generate or co-produce value. Admittedly, a healthcare system’s design process needs to r | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | ealize that it requires a dynamic integration of human-centered operations that relies progressively on information technology and expertise (Khan et al. 2018). Like any service delivery system, Healthcare can be viewed as a synthesis of the three main components of human processes and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | healthcare system is an interconnected, | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | set of individuals, procedures, and goods. It is a series of systems aimed at improving performance and efficiency. Integration takes place over the parameters physical, time, organization, and work, while adaptation takes place over monitoring, feedback, technology, and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | services like health services, mainly because of the uncertainties related to the aspects focused on the human being, are often complex. The complexity of the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | can also only be addressed by methods which improve system integration and adaptation. Uncertainty is an all-out and critical issue and a growing focus on evidence-based | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | and shared decision-making. Patient-oriented treatment is gaining interest in healthcare (Khan et al. 2018). However, because of the lack of a cohesive and coherent notion of insecurity, our | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of this issue is constrained. This breaks up the studies on healthcare ambiguity and incompletely translates current insights into clinical practice.

Setting Within the Health Care Organization Where this Problem/Opportunity Exists Uncertainty runs from every pore into clinical practice. The doctor operates in a very glittery environment. If an illness is | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | , whether a diagnosis is made, treatment is selected, findings are | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | , probabilities are calculated, the choice is allocated or all combined. Any behaviors related to health care are motivated…


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