ASSIGNMENT HELP | Review practice agreements in Mississippi.

In many states, nurse practitioners are completely autonomous professionals. In other states, however, NPs have a wide range of “restrictive” practice ranging from requirements for a “supervising” physician to requirements for a “collaborative” agreement with a physician.



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In this Practicum Journal Assignment, you will examine the requirements in the state of Mississippi in order to prepare yourself for the realities of practice upon graduation.

To Prepare for this Practicum Journal:

Review practice agreements in Mississippi.
Identify at least two physician collaboration issues in Mississippi.
For this Practicum Journal:


Briefly describe the practice agreements for PMHNPs in the state of Mississippi.
Explain the two physician collaboration issues that you identified.
Explain what you think are the barriers to PMHNPs practicing independently in Mississippi.
Outline a plan for how you might address PMHNP practice issues in Mississippi.



Each state in the US provides guidelines of practice for nursing professionals. The regulations that concern the supervision of the nurse practitioner also differ in each state and so do the domains of authority. A growing concern for nurse practitioners today is their ability to reach their full potential of their training and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | describes three statuses of practice authority. The first is the full practice, which allows all nursing professionals to make diagnoses, examine patients, begin and manage treatments, interpret diagnostic exams, and prescribe medications as indicated in the state Nursing Board (Pender, 2017).

The second is the reduced practice authority that allows a reduced ability of practice for the nurse practitioners in at least a single element of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | state allows a controlled collaborative partnership with an external health discipline for the provision of healthcare, or confines the reach to one or more nursing practice | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | status is the restricted practice where the law restricts the nursing professional’s capacity to take part in a minimum of one practice | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | requires delegation, team management, or supervision from an external health discipline (Pender, 2017).

Mississippi’s Practice Agreements for PMHNPs

In the US, an increasing number of regions have allowed full practice authority that | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | restrict the nursing practitioner’s ability to work. Mississippi allows reduced practice authority (Pender, 2017). Mississippi is among the regions that maintain strict geographic limits concerning cooperative partnerships between physicians and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | Board of Mississippi allowed nursing professionals to practice up to 75 miles from their physician | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | limit had been 15 miles, making it one of the most restraining in the country.

Moreover, the State requires Nursing professionals who practice away from a physician’s office to have their collaborating doctors examine the charts of 10 percent of their clients’ or 20 charts whichever is the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | in a recent report ranked Mississippi as being one of the states with the lowest active physicians | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | professionals could help bridge the gaps in access to healthcare with no extra cost to the state.

Collaboration Issues in the Mississippi State Mississippi is among those that have a scarcity of doctors in the primary care. According to a recent report, one of the main reasons for this shortage is the disparities in salary. Most of the qualified doctors do not…


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