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The emergence of COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented change in social, political, and economic life globally. The spiritual domain has not been spared either as churches and mosques have remained shut in most countries. For sports lovers, it is no longer live as usual as football, and other sports lovers have remained indoors as the universal joints are no longer habitable. The healthcare system has| GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT |ace masks, hand sanitizers and personal protection for healthcare providers. As the world grapples with the protective measures, even the biggest economic superpowers have become worried about the possible deficit of such devices. The situation has even been worse for other parts of the world if information from the news agencies is anything to go by.

The onus of the pandemic has as well exposed some of the unlikely controversies that were never imagined before the emergence of the condition. For instance, the perceived unpreparedness of the US government to establish better response measures despite receiving early signals raises c| GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT |till not clear just how the virus started with the US, explicitly accusing China of being the mastermind. Other than the animosity created between the UIS and China, the controversy of the US president and the WHO is an unprecedented move that questions the direction the pandemic is likely to take. The latest move by the president to withdraw funding to the WHO begs the question as to whether the organization indeed has to be held responsible for the widespread of the pandemic. But does the blame game really matter at this point in time? What is the implication of the withdrawal of funds and the continued persecution of the agency that is meant to provide direction on how the pandemic has to be responded to?


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The cases of infections continue to increase even as countries grapple with measures such as social distancing, quarantine, and partial or total lockdown. The efforts to flat| GET AN EXPERT FOR YOUR ASSIGNMENT | the infections. Additionally, there have been efforts by most healthcare agencies and research institutions with clinical trials so far showing chances of having a vaccine soon. The WHO however, warns of caution as other countries neglect recommended directives as they use drugs not yet approved by the FDA and the WHO (Venkatesh & Edirappuli, 2020). The academic circle has also been greatly…


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