ASSIGNMENT HELP | Provide an example from current or past experience on a threat to equality or equity.

Post an IRA (Insights, Resource, and Application) in the Discussion Board as follows:

Insights: As you read the resources, create bullet points that capture what you have learned about the relationship between equality and social equity, and critical insights you gained from each article. Summarize these key points and insights by using APA format.
Resource: In addition to the assigned readings, share one other resource that amplifies the themes for this week, such as the relationship between equality and social equity. Note a book, article, news items, website, or film with similar ideas, thoughts, and themes. Cite your resource by using APA format, and explain, in no more than three sentences, how this resource is relevant to the assigned readings.
Application: Provide an example from current or past experience (about one paragraph) on a threat to equality or equity. (Multicultural and/or international examples are welcome but not required.) Then, explain a strategy you believe that a public administrator might use to promote equality and equity in this example and explain why you chose this strategy.


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The Concepts of Equality and Social Equity

Equity and social equity are strategies that play a critical role that can help advocate for fairness in society. While social equity means giving every person an equal platform or opportunities to be successful, equality aims to ensure there is fairness (Frederickson, 2005). However, equality ensures that all people are given same help and need from the same starting line to compete favorably. Based on different articles, the relationship between the two concepts will be highlighted.

  • Use of public policies to promote equality and social equity
  • Sharing available resources and removing barriers to access to those resources
  • Remove the winner take all situation in political space
  • Government has a role in promoting social equity and equality
  • Proper workforce practices need to be implemented

From the article, public policies play a vital role in ensuring that the gap between the economically-endowered and the less fortunate is | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | have to advocate for improving the well-being of every person by allocating resources equitably (Hopkin & Shaw, 2016). Reducing barriers to access to resources…


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