ASSIGNMENT HELP | Please write a 1.5-2 page draft on topic “Communication Systems and Strategies applied by successful companies.”

Each group will work together to research and write on the topic of “Communication Systems and Strategies applied by successful companies.” In this Group Project, each member of the group will select a company to explain their communication systems and strategies. Group members will integrate this information into a compare and contrast style research paper. After all of the content has been disclosed by each member, the group will write a well-organized and unbiased conclusion on how effective or ineffective each company operates. This is an opportunity to see how well each group can use their critical thinking skills and write as a whole.

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Please write a 1.5-2 page draft on topic “Communication Systems and Strategies applied by successful companies.”

Please supply name of company in advance before writing draft, I have to approve with other group members to make sure we dont do same company.


Communication is a critical component in the success and growth of any company, hence the need for effective communication systems and | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | of the successful companies making use of these communication strategies to ensure their growth, development, and profitability irrespective of the changes in the retail industry. The company makes use of multiple communication systems, which vary depending on the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the staff about any changes or notices, such as the workers’ schedule, they tend to use written communication such as | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | makes use of electronic communication in the form of text messages and emails when they need to convey personal messages to each of their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | the written and electronic means of communication is the most convenient for the management when the information being conveyed is for a selected audience.

However, when it comes to reaching the public on a wider scale, the company tends to use more elaborate methods to reach out to as many people | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | effective communication system in this scenario is the word of | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | their frequent shoppers to tell their family members and friends about the goods and services Walmart offers is one of the most effective methods to reach a large group of people with the intended information. Secondly, the company also uses electronic systems such as the television and radio to reach out to the public especially during holidays and whenever they have offers and sales on select | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | mechanism makes it possible for them to give their news directly to the public with minimal worry about any misunderstanding between them and their audience.

Walmart also depends on various communication strategies to ensure that they give the best possible service to its customers, while also increasing their | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | to combine the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | , visual, and non-verbal hence ensuring a larger scale of success in the | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | strategies possess the three necessary | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | communication goals, which in most instances is for the company to reach the section of the clientele that they are shopping at their competitors’ stores and convince them to bring their business to them for the same services. The second component that the company focuses on is the communication plan (Hynes & Veltsos, 2018). This calls for the management to ensure that they send out the necessary information on time to avoid delays or failures due to misinformation. This is especially true when it comes to their staff members. Walmart must communicate the schedules in advance if everyone is to plan and be at work on time.  The last consideration and component in the communication strategy is the channel. The choice of channel is dependent on the goal and the urgency of the message. For instance, while memos and emails are an effective medium, if the management needs to convey an urgent message such as a missing child in the store, they may opt to announce the news over the microphone to ensure that the intended individual receives


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