ASSIGNMENT HELP | Pick a vision statement from the list of Twenty-First Century Vision Statements (page 187).

Discussion 5

Pick a vision statement from the list of Twenty-First Century Vision Statements (page 187). Then choose two different characteristics from Table 6.4 (page 185). Assess the vision statement in relation to the two characteristics. What are your conclusions about the vision statement? Does it have the “wow” factor? Why?


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In each discussion forum, students will be required to give a thoughtful and comprehensive response that is reflective and well-written, as well as respond to at least two other people. I will expect at least one citation from the text book in each discussion question.

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Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach



The vision statement that I picked from the list of Twenty-First Century Vision Statements is from Disney. Their vision statement is to be the worlds leading producers and providers of entertainment and information. Two different characteristics from Table 6.4 are directional which describes where the organization is going and imaginable which conveys a picture of future. Disney’s mission statement and these characteristics of effective visions are one in the same. Disney is a leading company already in entertainment. But, with the company’s mission statement they are saying they want to keep going and continue to be the best. They are describing the organization as being the best of the best not only in entertainment but also information. They are making it imaginable that Disney is going to continue to be innovative/creative and continue to be the best and they don’t want to just stay where they are they want more. This type of energy is what all company’s should have they shouldn’t be content where they are they should want to continue to grow and be innovative. The vision statement does have a sense of wow factor because I can’t imagine how Disney could get any better. By having them say they want to take it further gets my mind wondering what they will do or come up with next. As mentioned in chapter 6 “The vision itself is presented as a picture or imagine that serves as a guide to the future”(Palmer 2022,Ch.6,P.184). Disney’s vision achieves that and has me creating pictures in my head and wondering what they will do next.


Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. A. (2022). 184. In Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach. essay, McGraw-Hill Education.


Peer 2 response:

The vision statement I have picked from the list of Twenty-First Century Vision Statements on page 187 is that of Nike. Nike’s vision statement is to bring inspiration and innovation to athletes around the world. It is said that “Senior managers may be advised to think in this way when creating their organization’s vision, which often turns out to be something like ‘aiming for excellence,’ ‘change the world,’ or ‘serve the community'”(Palmer, 2022). The managers who came up with Nike’s Vision statement definitely wanted to put an imprint on the world of athletes with their brand. The two characteristics I chose from table 6.4 in the textbook are Desirable, which means it is appealing to the buyers interests, and Feasible, which is the embodiment of goals that are attainable and realistic to people. I think the vision statement of Nike gives athlete a sense of inspiration to keep working hard to achieve their goals in their sports they play and participate in. Nike can also give inspiration to people who are not athletes to start playing a sport and trying something new. I also think the vision statement gives athletes a sense of security because the brand advertises that each person’s goals in life are achievable, and they should not give up on their goals and dreams. Nike shows that they are attainable as long as hard work is put into the path to success. I think this brand does have a Wow factor because of the sense of passion, inspiration, and success that is built into the brand and the vision statement. 


Palmer, I., Dunford, R., & Buchanan, D. A. (2022). 184. In Managing organizational change: A multiple perspectives approach. essay, McGraw-Hill Education.

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The vision that I have selected from the list of the 21st century Vision Statements is that of eBay. The company’s vision statement is “to have a vision for commerce which is enabled by people, powered by technology and which is open to everyone. From table 6.4, the first characteristic which I regard as relevant to this vision statement is directional in that the statement reflects where the business is going both in terms of getting the preferences of customers and adhering to the changes in technology (Palmer, 2022). By stating that the company has a vision for commerce that is dictated by the people and embedded in technology, the company commits to undertaking all its business operations to meet not only its short term but also | PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT | I find a reflective of the company’s vision statement is purpose driven. The company seems to be planning its operations to adhere to its purpose of being a company whose operational framework is supported by e-commerce. Purpose-driven describes the company’s commitment to connect with people by also providing a remarkable sense of purpose. Therefore, the technology investment initiative describes the commitment the company makes towards addressing the trends in…


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